The CLARITY Collection provides

100% Virgin Unprocessed Human Hair Extensions for all of our product lines.

All CLARITY Hair Extension are INDIVIDUALLY SOLD and come directly from individual hair donors, free from any chemical processes or blending of "artificial product".

Product Color Reference: Natural Brown-Black ("1B")

The CLARITY collection Hair Extension Bundles are weighed to meet the packaging requirement of 90-100 Grams prior to packaging. please note that "longer lengths" may differ in density compared to shorter lengths due to packaging weight requirement.

The "uniform" textured patterns seen on

The CLARITY Collection hair extensions when you receive them are a result of "steam" to ensure that all hair strands are uniform for packaging.

Due to the nature of business, hair donor information or "inventory source" is CONFIDENTIAL & NOT subject to "public" release. ALL requests for "Vendor* information will be denied. Due to the nature of " Virgin Hair Extensions" bundles may slightly differ in Hair Color or Curl